Gavilan Trading Post

Valley of the Moon Ranch, NM

About Us

The Gavilan Farmstead and Trading Post is the Shattuck family's ranch and homestead located north of Lindrith, NM (In an area that was once known as Gavilan, NM).
The Lindrith area features spectacular woodlands of tall Pinon and Juniper trees, abundant and diverse wildlife, pastures, and breathtaking canyon lands.

Here at the farm we raise a diverse offering of vegetables, along with meat from our goats, cattle, and heritage hogs as well as eggs from our pastured laying hens. Our farming methods are not certified anything, nor practiced rigidly, but are a collection of principles and designs such as; Beyond Organic, Permaculture, Holistic Management, Holistic planned grazing, Humane, Low-stress, minimal-tillage, etc. All of which are intended to produce chemical free wholesome food, promote a healthy ecology on the land in our care and provide a good low-stress life for our animals and ourselves.

Some of our residents also produce various arts and crafts that are offered for sale and can be seen (and purchased!) on our Etsy page:

We also offer farm internships that are available to those that are interested in helping out in exchange for education, food, and an awesome place to stay. (See our "Internships" section for details)

The Ranch is host to many different sights, including beautiful forests of Juniper, Pinon, Pondarosa Pine, and Gamble oaks. Open fields of native grasses and sage. Impressive bad lands. Rocky ridges. As well as ponds, Arroyos and other interesting landscapes. The view around the ranch is of the near by Continental Divide, Various mountain ranges and big blue skies.

Among many of the ridges are the Gallina Indian ruins which consist of Collapsed pit houses, Tons of pottery, arrowheads and ancient gardens. We leave all pottery, rocks and artifacts on the ground where we find them and insist that all guest do the same so that these ruins can be seen by future generations.

The ranch is also host to many different types of Wildlife including deer, elk, cougars, seasonal bears, coyotes, foxes, bob cats, snakes, lizards, hawks (Gavilan!), eagles and so much more. We believe in living harmoniously with the wildlife inhabiting the ranch respecting their presence in the ecosystem. We practice predator friendly methods of protecting our livestock, with livestock guardian dogs and electric fences being our main line of defense.

The Farm is located near the highway (595) on the east side of the ranch. The farm is made up of a few old trailers and buses for accommodations, A big communal building that was previously a restaurant, barns, out buildings, gardens, and early 1900's homesteader ruins including the old Gavilan store and post office (The Trading Post).