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Hurry up little garden

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It seems the growing season will be cut very short this year. The last spring frost was June 12th, and now in late August the temperature is already dropping to around 46 deg. at night. I can only hope to get another 5 weeks before the first frost hits. With the corn starting to pollinate a week ago, the tomatoes still forming, no capsicums or eggplant fruits to speak of, small flowers on the broccoli, and one melon ripening, I can only hope that the weather will be kind enough to let me get some seed for next year. I have at least managed to establish a few good perennials in the flower bed and throughout the garden, with some care and a bit of luck they should make it through what looks to be a very cold winter. Now I can only set up some meager defenses against the cold and pray that Jack Frost stays on vacation just a few weeks longer.