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The Spring Equinox is just a few days away and we're starting to see radiant green spikes on the land as the grass begins to emerge from the soil. From a few observations, I've declared that March 14th was our official first day of spring this year. This was due to the pigs being warm enough to use their recently thawed wallow for the first time in 6 months; The garden was full of scavenging Robins; A fly was annoyingly buzzing around my window; The rainwater barrels, no longer solid blocks of ice; The specks of green here and there; Geese migrating overhead; That I was able to air out the house without freezing to death; and the fire in the main house went unstoked for the entire day!

We're looking forward to the growing season as well as the rapidly approaching ranch party extravaganza, celebrating the wedding of Jacob & Meghan (hurray!!). There is always never ending amounts of work to be done and we're now shifting into our overdrive work mode that comes with the longer days. Luckily we have a few Interns coming in at the end of the month and beginning of April to help accomplish the tasks at hand and we're very optimistic about the season's activities and accomplishing our 2013 goals .

And speaking of goals, I've been really neglecting sharing aspirations via the website due to being busy but also have been holding out, as we're in the process of giving the website a much needed 'sprucing up' and I suppose once that happens I'll get a little more excited about putting content up (Silly, I know). I have much enthusiasm to share about life, projects, farming, and ranching. Hopefully I'll put it into a readable context.

Anyway, here is a picture of a goat to help make up for my web absence (goats make it all better!):

(Felina with the infamous Rainbo Bread Truck)