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We had a surprise on March 18th but I am late to report: Introducing Dobby the house-goat!

Kidding season does not start until April but as things go, you can usually count on a surprise or two when waiting for kidding season to begin. I was out in the garden on March 18th when I heard the sound of a goat bleat in a sort of grunting tone that clearly meant a labor contraction (Apparently, I speak goat). Antoinette was going into early labor! She kidded without issues and showed a lot of interest in caring for her two new kids, unfortunately these two kids needed a lot more help than a towel off and a teat. They were severely premature and were unable to even try to stand. So, into the house they went.

We set them up on the heating pad near the wood stove to 'cook them' a bit longer and they were tube fed a mixture of Colostrum and Coffee to get them started. I've honestly never seen such pathetic looking kids, they were so under developed that we all had our doubts about their survival. We lost the weaker of the two on the second night, while the stronger one was slowly making progress towards becoming a goat. He could be picked up and set on his feet to stand for short amounts of time and was becoming brighter and was happily eating between long sound sleeps. Within a few more days he could stand and walk a few steps and by about a week and a half old he was caught up to what a new born goat should be; able to stand up, walk and lightly frolic. At week two he is finally able to run, jump and cause trouble, like any healthy goat should!

To my dismay, the once eager mother was not able to bond with her kid while he spent his time in the warm house incubating and she understandably has no interest what so ever in caring for this kid, there is also no other kids for him to hang out with in the barn (yet) and so he has been living in the house and under foot, thus he is our little house goat. It's only a matter of time before he is jumping on the table so we're all hopeful he'll have some friends soon to keep him company in the barn!

He dances!