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April Snow Showers Bring May's Hardiest Perennials

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(The day after the snow)

Along with two of our wonderful interns, we have been busy in the garden with planning, plotting, prepping, and planting our early season crops. Yesterday we ended our gardening day early, postponing our carrot planting agenda because the wind was blowing fiercely. Besides the risk of our carrot seeds blowing right out of our hands continuing on over the continental divide, it was a less than pleasant work environment.

This morning we awoke to the ground covered in snow, and big fluffy wet flakes have been falling rapidly and consistently all day. Even if the cold is a little hazardous to our more tender plant species, the moisture is always a most welcomed sight here, being that the dry periods are often times far too long and are not very conducive to growing much of anything. It is genuinely exciting for us when we think of the opportunities and productivity that a little spring moisture can present to our arid landscape.

Before the snow hit, Diane and I were out checking some pastures and discussing how the grass is growing this spring (The conversations around here are absolutely riveting, let me tell you). On the way back we swung by the mailbox. There we found a single letter with no return address; the envelope included a few packets of vegetable seeds, a generous cash donation, and a really touching letter. As we sat in the idling car next to the quiet highway, reading the letter, we couldn't help shed a few tears at such a kind gesture from a stranger feeling some spring joy; and we're feeling it too! Thank you Rozanne, and please do stop by if you're in the area!