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Valley of the Moon Ranch, NM

Bear sightings, pool parties, and other animal fun.

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Pabu having a one yak pool party.

As some of you may know, we have had the cows and horses successfully running as one herd, corralled in small paddocks of about an acre or two, made of temporary electric fence that we move every few days to a new location. This enables us to grow more grass for livestock and wildlife alike (more on that in a previous post: Grazin' )

While checking on our herd last week, we discovered (thanks to all of the mud we have around here these days) reoccurring bear tracks weaving in and out of our herd's grazing cell, and some rather worried looking horses.
These tracks are belonging to a young black bear that's been in the neighborhood for several months. One of our lucky interns actually got to see this bear meandering along the highway last month (I am super jealous!).
We decided it best to move out of that location and to let the cows and horses free roam the entire property for the week rather than leave them in a small entrapment where they might easily become tasty bear snacks.

This gave the animals time to get into some mischief while they possessed such freedom, including: A cattle migration a few miles and properties over to rendezvous with the neighbor's Hereford bull; the horses getting into barns to tear things up and generally make a pain of themselves; and gave Pabu some much desired swim time in the pond (The guy seriously loves water). But by the end of the week, with no signs of the bear, the fun is over and it's back into the paddock to get back to some important grazing work.

Moving the herd back to the paddock. Horses off camera, goats and dogs just tagging along