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I'm back! Well, almost.

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The hoop house!

Long time so blog. I still have not managed to convince anyone else on the ranch to write blog updates, but alas, I have returned and will now proceed in keeping the interested farm friends in the loop.

Where have I been, one may or may not be wondering. Well, last year I decided to do some traveling and seek ag related educational opportunities, mostly in the way of ranch and farm internships in Colorado and Montana. Most notably I spent this summer in Bozeman, MT on a 12 acre Organic farm as an intern along with my partner, Cory. There we learned some of the in’s and out’s of market vegetables and most importantly came to the realization that we can and should just do it ourselves, like right now.

So, Cory and I will be returning to the ranch to undertake some exciting farm projects for the 2015 season! These will include growing one whole acre of vegetables for market, starting a rotational pastured poultry enterprise, as well as getting fencing infrastructure in place for better management of grazing animals to improve pasture health.

In other news, there was a lot of activity this summer on the farmstead lead by Diane and Ron, supported by the wonderful 2014 intern crew. What stands out in my mind is that they planted a great garden, converted the old goat barn into a much needed hoophouse, conducted interesting weather experiments and kept everything afloat!

And it was another great rain year - the locals report that they've never seen so much water here. Let’s hope its a trend!

Interns at work

Spotted piglets