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What's that sound?

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What’s that sound? (You might want to turn down your volume level)

This video is of our new chicks when they first arrived - They are now six weeks old, fully feathered and look more like chickens than cute little fluffs (Also not nearly as noisy). They are the start of a pastured poultry experiment here on the farm. The plan is to make them a chicken coop on wheels that will be moved every few days through the pasture so that they always have fresh grass/bugs to eat and new soil to scratch, and in the process will fertilize and revitalize the pastures with their manure and surface tilling claws. All while providing us really good nutrient dense eggs to enjoy (thanks, girls!). This will be a big improvement over our current situation of the stationary chicken coop, which depletes feed sources from over-grazing/over-scratching the grounds surrounding the coop, creating a micro desert in dry times and a desolate mud pit in wet times, no bueno!

We are looking forward to this fun project and providing good eggs to the local community as well as our egg loving city friends while improving our pasture and poultry health.