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a quick one

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My goodness, it has been a busy and productive summer! We have been gardening and chicken ranching quite successfully, which also means we hardly have time for anything else. We started vending at the Santa Fe farmer’s market on Tuesday mornings (Come by and say hi!) as an outlet for our Pasture raised eggs and organic veggies. It is a LONG haul, at two hours each way but It’s been a really wonderful market to attend, full of great vendors and supportive customers. It feels really great to be able to share the farm with so many new people and old friends. We love it, even if we are a little sleep deprived after each market!

Unfortunately most of the photos this year have been going on our Facebook page because it is so much easier than putting them on the website (Shameful but true!) and I am afraid I won’t have much writing/photo time until things slow down here for the season. But I hope to be back to it soon,until then, you can check out pictures on Facebook (you don’t have to be signed up to do so), at

Its now egg thirty, so time to get back to it!