Gavilan Trading Post

Valley of the Moon Ranch, NM
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Projected Spring Projects 2009

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Projected Spring Projects 2009 (For volunteers and other interested parties)

Goat fences need to be built on the east, south, and north borders of the property. This would mostly be wire stretching as existing posts are already in place, with only a few needing to be replaced. That’s about 1 2/3 mile of fencing. Also some cross fencing for horses may be in order as well as fencing the upper field (about 100 acres). Also, various border fence repairs are needed. We are hoping to have enough existing materials for this project; if not some fence fund raising may be in order.

The Ranch entry is in shambles and needs to be gussied up. This would include putting in posts for the entry/gaits as well as building some wooden fencing about 100’ or so for aesthetic value as well as to keep goats/horses/cattle off the highway.

The Gavilan trading post needs to have remaining “good junk” (Doors, windows, sinks, cupboards, etc) taken out, which may include building a small out building to hold said “good junk”. We will then need to start repairs on walls and floors. We will be trying to get funding and expertise on this project, so more updates to come on this project as we learn more. Do you know of any organization or person(s) that could help? Let us know. The overall goal for the Trading post, beyond making sure the beautiful building is preserved is to have a General Store and Art studio to help generate money for the ranch and to stimulate local economy in Gavilan/Lindrith area.

Orchard fence built, area cleaned up and prepped for fall tree planting. Location of Orchard is currently being discussed.

The Garden is a huge project that will include lots of soil prep, fence repair, weeding and plant starting. We need a good crop this year so lots of hands and love for the plants is needed. Also need to have a better Compost piles system established and cared for.

Water collection systems are in order, especially for a successful garden as water usage is always an issue. This will be a lot of gutter installation on all those huge tin roofs, possible canals built, and storage areas set up. Some brain storming will be needed for this one.