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My First Holistic Planned Grazing Chart!

I hatched this baby out last month (well, it's still got a lot of blanks that need filling in). The picture is not very descriptive or interesting but this chart is going to be a real game changer around here, as it serves as an open ended plan for this season's grazing period on the ranch, as performed by our two herds of animals; the goat herd and the bovine/equine herd. This chart is a great stress reliever by allowing us to “see” our potential time, space and forage requirements vs. availability for the season, while also aiding us in our efforts of monitoring, and manipulating our animal friend's movements in a healthy effective manner, and in doing so, will move us towards our goals of improving the land's ability to support a diverse community of life.

This chart comes from “Holistic Management International” and It's difficult for me to really explain effectively what I am going on about, as it's pretty complex and I am still fairly new to these ideas myself, having been slowly emerging myself in Holistic Management for the last two years (If only I had emerged a little faster!). Luckily for you and me both, the founder of Holistic Management recently did a really good Ted talk about holistic planned grazing and so I can spend less time trying to explain all of the stuff swimming around in my head and just direct you to his talk.

I also want to ad that even if you have no interest in my grazing plan, watch the video anyway – it's impressive and important: